[New Release] TEMPLE OF EVIL - The 7th Awakening Cassette and LP

We are more than honoured to announce that Temple of Evil's debut album entitled 'The 7th Awakening' released last year in digipak CD via Deathhammer Records, will be released on both Cassette and Vinyl formats.


DHR005: The cassette edition will be co-released with III Damnation Productions on 100 pro black tapes in December 2016.


DHR007: The vinyl edition will be co-released with Blood Harvest Records in 2017. This is going to be limited to 300 copies, 200 black and 100 gold with a full coloured booklet. 

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[New Release]  INFERAHL (Greece) – Imperial War EP

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Inferahl joins Deathhammer Records’ roster and we are proud to announce the release of their debut EP entitled ‘Imperial War’. The EP comprises of 5 songs in the vein of old school Hellenic black metal and will be released in January 2017 in digisleeve CD, limited to 300 copies.



1. Enter the Realms of Immortal (Intro)

2. Imperial War

3. At World's End

4. Eternal Flames

5. The Spirit of Fire (Outro)


[New Release] TEMPLE OF EVIL (Cyprus) - The 7th Awakening CD

Finally the long-awaited debut album by TEMPLE OF EVIL baptised as ''The 7th Awakening'' shall be released in a 6-panel digipak of 500 copies on January 7th via Deathhammer Records. The astonishing artwork on this release was manifested by the mighty Khaos Diktator Designs. The album features 8 tracks of pure unadulterated black metal which have been summoned as an expression of personal meditation in each individual's reanimated inner spirits.



1. Initiation (Intro)

2. Illvminatio Tenebrarvm

3. ...On Devil's Wings

4. Chalice of Impure Blood

5. The Book of Shadows

6. Necromancer's Mystical Conjuration

7. The 7th Awakening

8. One Last Breathless Sigh for Everlasting Rest (Outro) 


The monks of the pneumatic synergy:
Arkhon Sakrificer - Unholy chants and 4-string conjuration
Nekrocurse - 6-string thorned whip and skeletal keys
Apethantos - 6-string morbid echoes of necromancy 
Angelwhore - Leather of putrefied skin


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[New Release] SOULSKINNER (Greece) - Crypts of Ancient Wisdom LP


Third full length album by SOULSKINNER, entitled 'Crypts of Ancient Wisdom' to be released on LP. Old school death metal at its finest, in the path of Bolt Thrower, Asphyx and early Septicflesh.
Limited 300 copies. Co-released with Necroterror Records.
Scheduled for release in late 2015.


1. Intro
2. The Captive Trojan Maiden
3. Life a Bane
4. The Price of War
5. Our Greatest Curse
6. The Furie's Hymn
7. Deadland pt. 1
8. Deadland pt. 2
9. Thou Shall Die
10. Death at Last
11. Why Shrink from Death
12. Outro

[New Release] SVARTGREN (Serbia) - Prazan Grob LP

First full length strike of SVARTGREN is a primitive and obnoxious yet engrossing Death praise that will lead you through the deepest depths of hell. This modern yet traditional unorthodox Black Metal release is highly recommended for fans of Horna, Satanic Warmaster, Mgla, Plaga, old Inferno and Armagedda. 
Prazan Grob will be co-released on LP by Deathhammer Records, War Productions, Superbia Templi and Legion Blotan Records. Planned release date is in September 2015.



1. Od Pakla
2. Spremna Su Vesala
3. Prazan Grob
4. Svetlosti Tiha
5. Reka
6. Smrti
7. Hram
8. Bezdan
9. Ka Rubu Zaborava



[New Release] PROPAST (Serbia) - Věstnik Preispodnji 12'' Vinyl

We are proud to announce Deathhammer's first vinyl release coming the following September (2014) Propast - Věstnik Preispodnji. 

The 12'' EP is to be co-released with Necroterror Records and Misanthropic Intolerance and is going to be limited to 99 hand-numbered copies.
Information regarding orders will be available soon.



1. Vavedenje Preispodnje
2. ..u Plamenu
3. Čarna Pismena
4. Čeljad Kaljuge
5. Thurisaz (Graveland Cover)




[New Release] TOME OF THE UNREPLENISHED - 'Cosmoprism : The Theurgy - Act I' LP


Deathhammer Records is proud to present Tome of the Unreplenished’s latest EP ‘Cosmoprism: The Theurgy – Act I’ to be released on vinyl in conspiracy with Order of Theta.


Transcending from the concept of ‘Innerself’, Tome of the Unreplenished seizes to be an individual manifestation, evolving into a union of exceptional individuals, including the man himself, Hermes, Dictator of Necrosadist, Aort of <Code >and Aylos of Spectral Lore. ‘Cosmoprism: The Theurgy Act I’ explores prominent soundscapes through unconventional mediums, acting both as a natural progress to Innerself and a portal to different dimensions.


One can experience a diversity of sentiments in a serenely chaotic specter, through which both silence and noise contribute equally to the thematic concept of the release. As the body surrenders to its metaphysical form and ascents, becoming one with the cosmos, observing detached from its mental state, travelling into its limitless celestial existence.   



1. Exileosis (5:12)

2. Dead Body Of God (7:44)

3. Sapient (4:32)


4. Black Hole Resident (6:33)

5. Hypostasis (6:49)


The release will be on black vinyl, limited to 250 copies with fold-out cover and is set for release on 25 September 2017. Pre-orders soon available. 


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Deathhammer Records joins forces with Dizziness and Athos, materialising the release of '...Incense and Lust...' (DHR 009) which is to be released on 23 October 2017 on a 7" split vinyl EP. The release features two tracks, encompassing the purity of the Hellenic Black metal essence, holding the torch up high and honouring its roots.



1. Ieros Lochos


Material for Brief Tales of Oil from the Linear B Script


The release will be on black 7", limited to 200 copies with an inner sleeve and band photos.